Grey’s Anatomy has been a phenomenally successful series for ABC over the last 13 years, and it has already produced one hit spinoff. Now, ABC has given an order for a brand new spinoff of Grey’s, and it sounds pretty promising. The spinoff will follow the lives of a group of Seattle firefighters. The network has ordered the project straight to series.

The new show will chronicle the lives of the folks in one Seattle firehouse. The brave men and women who risk everything for the good of others must try to balance their lives and loves with their duty. We’ll see characters ranging from a seasoned captain to a new recruit as they attempt to keep going against nearly impossible odds. Basically, it sounds like Grey’s Anatomy, just set in a firehouse.

The straight-to-series order is a big show of faith from ABC in the new project, which does not yet have a title. That said, the order doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The spinoff hails from Shonda Rhimes, who has launched some of ABC’s most successful series, including Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Throw in the fact that Rhimes already proved capable of launching a successful spinoff thanks to Private Practice, and a straight-to-series order is a relatively safe gamble. Rhimes is on board as executive producer, along with Betsy Beers and Stacy McKee, who will also write for the show.

The straight-to-series bodes well both for the new show and for Grey’s Anatomy. Spinoffs are often tested via backdoor pilots that introduce audiences to characters and plots, and those backdoor pilots don’t always work all that well as the new characters take over from the leads. The spinoff may be able to avoid a clunky backdoor pilot since nobody needs to worry about whether or not it will move forward. The transition could be pretty seamless.

The firefighter series is definitely going to be a different kind of spinoff than Private Practice, which took an established character from Grey’s and shipped her off to a different city far away from Seattle, making crossovers relatively rare. This new spinoff will be set in the same city as Grey’s and probably feature a lineup of brand new characters, unless one of the good doctors of Grey Sloan suddenly decides to pursue a career in firefighting. Given how often things tend to explode into chaos in and around Grey Sloan, I’d say that crossovers between the spinoff and Grey’s could happen somewhat regularly, even if only by virtue of character cameos.

We’ll have to wait and see. ABC hasn’t announced when the spinoff will debut, and it doesn’t appear on the new 2017-2018 fall schedule. Of course, considering last week’s insane Grey’s Anatomy cliffhanger, there’s a chance we’ll get to see folks from the spinoff’s firehouse in this week’s Season 13 finale. Only time will tell.

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We know that the length of Season 7 is going to be cut short, but the new Game of Thrones episodes we have coming this summer will be both the longest and the shortest in the HBO show’s history, according to EW. “We have two episodes over 60 minutes this year,” showrunner Dan Weiss told the site. In addition, the finale of the season will reportedly clock in at whopping 90 minutes. We’re also going to get a slightly shorter one, which is the shortest of all at 50 minutes. Though we don’t know exactly how long the new Game of Thrones episodes over 60 minutes are, if they’re even a few minutes, which amounts to almost another half an episode.

The site explains that HBO hasn’t yet confirmed the run times for the new Game of Thrones episodes, and an unofficial posting showed different lengths. We recently learned that there is a possibility that the eighth and final season of the show won’t hit the cable network until 2019.

At the end of last season, Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) dragons and her immense army were finally on the way to Westeros, where Cersei (Lena Headey) has now become Queen after the death of her children. The Night King’s (Vladimir Furdik in season 6) army is heading south, and a battle appears to be imminent.

Though we don’t know exactly what’s coming in the new Game of Thrones season, Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, tweeted this about season 7 last year:

“Just finished reading season 7, s**t gets REAL. I’d start preparing yourselves now… scratch that; nothing will prepare you for this… Holy BALLS.”

Loot Crate, the subscription commerce platform targeting super fans of entertainment franchises, today announced the pre-order availability of the limited-edition Stranger Things Crate, the first mystery box for fans of the popular Netflix Original Series.

The Stranger Things Loot Crate, which will be based on moments from both seasons, will celebrate fan-favorite characters and bring viewers close to the show’s mysteries in new and exciting ways. This one-time specialty crate has been curated to feature six exclusive, officially-licensed items including collectibles, apparel and more. The crate will ship in late October, coinciding with the release of the series’ second season.

“We are thrilled to develop this exclusive ‘Stranger Things’ Crate with Netflix and can’t wait to share it with fans of the show,” said Chris Davis, CEO of Loot Crate. “The assortment of products is true to Loot Crate’s ‘for fans by fans’ motto with several items designed by well-known artists who are ‘Stranger Things’ fans.”

The Stranger Things Crate costs $59.99 (plus shipping and handling) for domestic purchases and $84.99 (includes shipping and handling + VAT) for international purchases. The crate will include products worth more than $111 and will ship in time for fans to celebrate the premiere of the second season!

The BBC has announced that series creator Neil Cross and star Idris Elba are set to return for a fifth series of the hit show Luther. The new, four-part limited-series will be written by Cross with filming set to start early next year.

Elba said: “Neil, the BBC and I have been talking about a further season and I am thrilled that we have been able to bring it all together. I look forward to putting the coat back on.”

Cross further elaborated on the process of the series returning, saying:

“Now what? It’s a question Idris and I get asked a lot. What happened to John Luther after we last saw him striding unbowed through the streets of his city, his blood red London? It can’t be over, can it? There’s so much we don’t know. So much unfinished business. The thing is, we’ve been asking ourselves the same question. Because we love John and wonder what he’s up to. And as for me, I’m scared of the monsters. The face at the window. The hand under the bed. The shadow at the end of the street. Who’s going to stop them, if not John Luther? In the end, we picked up the phone to some old friends and asked if they’d like to find out what happens next. It turns out, they would. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to find out what happens next. Now what? Luther’s coming back. That’s what.”

First premiering in 2010, Luther stars Elba as the titular obsessive detective and has seen him gain a Golden Globe award, a Screen Actors Guild award, an NAACP Image Award, a Critics’ Choice Award, and four Emmy nominations.

Adam West, the actor best known for his role as Batman in the 1960s television series, has died at the age of 88 from a battle with leukemia late on Friday night. West’s family shared a statement with Variety to confirm the news. The family offered this to fans.

“Our dad always saw himself as the Bright Knight, and aspired to make a positive impact on his fans’ lives. He was and will always be our hero.”
For many, Adam West was their introduction to the world of Batman, and for some, he was the only Batman that mattered. One of West’s many talents as an actor was not taking himself too seriously. He could keep a straight face through the most absurd moments, while keeping the fun going on the campy 60’s television show. He could surf with the joker, dance with Catwoman while doing the “Batusi,” campaigning for mayor of Gotham alongside the Penguin, or not being able to find a safe place to throw a bomb, just to name a few. West performed all of these acts with tongue pressed firmly in cheek, bringing joy to millions over the decades.

West’s portrayal of Batman was much different than what came afterwards. Michael Keaton started with a dark version of the hero that has stuck all the way through to Ben Affleck. West was asked to rank the many different versions of the caped crusader on an episode of The Big Bang Theory and his ranking was as follows: “It should be me, Keaton, Kilmer, Lego, Bale, and that pretty boy Clooney.” West was always able to keep his sense of humor intact while watching other actors step into his shoes. And new fans of Batman were always in for a treat to get introduced to the lighthearted 60s version through numerous home video releases as well as constant reruns of the campy show.

Another way that West broke through to new generations was through his hilarious voice acting work on Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy series. West took on the role of Mayor Adam West, a highly delusional, odd politician that eventually became Peter Griffin’s brother-in-law after marrying Lois’ sister. West also voiced characters on Adventures of Batman, Legends of the Superheroes, and The Simpsons. In addition, West lent talents to DC Comics comedy series Powerless, where he played the character Chairman West as well as narrating the show.

In addition to West’s family, Hollywood has taken to social media to mourn the loss of Adam West. Burt Ward, who played the role of Robin alongside West shared that he was “devastated at the loss of one of my dearest friends.” Ward says this.

“Adam and I had a special friendship for more than 50 years. We shared some of the most fun of our lives together… there were several fine actors who have portrayed Batman in films, in my eyes there was only one real Batman and that is and will always be Adam West; He truly was the Bright Knight.”
Another Batman costar Julie Newmar, aka Catwoman, shared a statement as well on the actor’s death.

“Stellar, exemplar, a king to the end. He was bright, witty and fun to work with. I will miss him in the physical world and savor him always in the world of imagination and creativity. He meant so much to people.”
Seth MacFarlane, Mark Hamill, Conan O’Brien, James Gunn, Michael McKean, Will Arnett, George Takei, Kumail Nanjiani, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood, Neil Gaman, Val Kilmer, LeVar Burton, Stephen Glickman, Edgar Wright, Robin Lord Taylor, Ben Sherman, and many, many more took to social media to share their thoughts on the passing of Adam West.